We went through 3 bottles of sunscreen…

We had a fabulous time on our much-anticipated honeymoon that we booked last September! We left after work on Friday, May 22 for Kansas City since our flight on Saturday was rather early and I am not all too friendly in the AM. We left our dogs in the care of a recent grad and a hall coordinator. I never do well leaving the dogs overnight and cried before getting out of the parking lot. Brandon did not cry so obviously I am the caring parent and he is heartless. Moving on, once we got to KC, we went to Joes of Kansas City for BBQ and it was awesome! We waited in line for an hour and ten minutes. We got to our hotel after 10pm and had to do some rearranging of the luggage because both large bags were pushing over 50lbs.

On Saturday, we got up at the crack of dawn or before to get ready to head to the airport via the hotel shuttle. Our flight path was KC->Detroit->Fort Lauderdale. We had a longer layover in Detroit so we grabbed lunch there. It’s weird being in your home state and not actually being able to visit with family and friends. We landed in Ft. Lauderdale around 4pm and had a rental car reservation. We originally reserved a convertible of some sort and we were given a 2014 Mustang convertible. We had to end up putting luggage in the back seat and looked a little funny pulling out of there.

rental car

We went to our hotel after leaving the airport and our room wasn’t ready even though it was 6pm. We had plans to go to the Outback Steakhouse and to find me another formal dress since there were 2 formal nights on the cruise. We finally got into a room and changed to go to dinner and shopping. We found a Ross and I got a dress for around $25! We went to dinner shortly after and weren’t very pleased with the food. The menu had changed since the last time we were there so BLT could not get his usual steak focaccia sandwich. All was redeemed on Sunday morning; we went to the Original Pancake House. This is our favorite breakfast place and whenever we are near one, we have to go! I typically do not like pancakes and theirs are delish!

Now onto the Independence of the Seas!

We boarded our ship made our way to the Schooner Bar to have a celebratory honeymoon drink!

Schooner bar

Our first day of the cruise (Sunday, May 24) was at sea. We explored the ship, walked around, took pictures from our balcony, and met the couple we would be having dinner with each night (Tim and Jesse).

FL            Panoramic picture from the balcony of Port Everglades in FL.

BLT day 1BLT relaxing, one of my favorite pictures of him!

 May 26- Puerto Rico (my favorite port)

We didn’t dock until 4pm in PR which was a bummer but we still made the best of it. We booked a culinary tour excursion. We went to 3 different restaurants while walking with a tour guide. We sampled a ham and cheese bread sandwich with powdered sugar at the first stop with passion fruit juice, we made Mofongo with a pilon, here is a description of Mofongo. After making Mofongo, we made a Mojito. I don’t think I will be a bartender any time soon as my Mojito needed to be chewed because of the sugar. We went to a different restaurant to sample flan and it was awesome!

PR1Panoramic photo was we were getting to PR.

PR2 The FortThis is a fort as you enter PR.


BLT on the pier in PR

PR 4 Tour

Part of our tour was a lookout point.

PR 5 smallest apt

This used to be in the Guinness World Record books at the smallest dwelling. It is only as wide as the yellow paint and goes up 3 stories.

PR 6 Pigeon Park

This is a pigeon park. I did not enter because I am scared of birds.

PR 7 Mofong



BLT outside the restaurant that had the flan.

One of the highlights of our time in PR was seeing a very old but beautiful church and it just happened to be the same church as our friend, Veronica, was married in! We were at the church on her anniversary!

May 27 (Saint Maarten)

We booked an excursion for Saint Maarten that was a tour of the country (both Dutch and French sides) and allowed us 45 minutes of shopping on the French side. While on this tour we saw several cows, most of which were in the roads and streets. We stopped to shop and hit up a local place that BLT had visited before for crepes. He had a traditional crepe and I ordered the Nutella crepe. It was so good!

Saint Maarten was eye opening to me. I have never visited a country that had a main industry of tourism. Much of this country, outside of the resorts, were very poor and what I would call a 2nd world country. It was a humbling experience to see how others lived and how they depended on tourists to thrive.

SM 1 Coming into Saint Maarten

SM 2    Waiting for our tour to start…BLT was drenched as this point. It was only in the 80s but it felt much warmer than that!

SM 3
I went into a shop and saw these. If only the USA would advertise cigarettes like this!

SM 4
Isn’t he so cute with his backpack??

SM 5
Quick stop for pictures

SM 7
Sunset in Saint Maarten. I was trying hard to get the full picture but the ship wasn’t backing up fast enough!

May 28- Saint Kitts

Our game plan for St. Kitts was to just get off the ship and head to the beach and relax. We were surrounded by folks offering tours, rides, monkey petting (there are 80,000 monkeys on the island and only 40,000 people), and other “touristy” things. We decided to go with Basil (tour guide) and a couple from Sacramento, CA on a 2 hour tour that ended at the beach. We trusted this stranger Basil for some reason, maybe because his tour van said “Basil, Spice of the Island” on the windshield or because he only collected payment once he picked us back up from the beach. Both of us failed to bring our phones on this island because we just assumed we wouldn’t take pictures while at the beach. I enjoyed this tour and regret not having a camera! We got to see LOTS of monkeys and goats on the island, drove up steep hills that felt like small mountains, and were able to see where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet. Basil kept his word and took us to the beach and left us there for 2 hours. The water was so warm! We had lunch at the beach as well. Basil picked us up at 3pm and took us back to our ship.

SK 1
Arriving into St. Kitts

May 29 and 30 were days at sea.

Every day or night we attended an event on the ship or had an excursion. We watched the Love and Marriage game show where they have 3 different couples on a stage. One couple is typically newly married, one couple has been married for 5+ years, and then a couple that has been married 25+ years.

I had full intentions to take pictures of our meals each night but I failed at this completely. I managed to only take a picture of bread! My pictures would have included escargot (snails!), tiger shrimp, a souffle that smelled like boiled eggs but tasted like a raw egg, and prime rib, to name a few. I LOVED the escargot, tiger shrimp, steak and prime rib. There were a few things I did not like but overall the food was great!

Dinner 3Pani and Keilah were our wait staff. Mariano was our bartender but we couldn’t find him for the picture! Jesse and Tim were our dinner couple for the week. Very funny guys from NJ. We’re 2/2 for dinner couples on cruises.

Formal nightSomeone couldn’t stop laughing so this picture wasn’t buyable.

FL returnArriving back at Port Everglades

vacation endOur happy place.

We arrived back home from our honeymoon around 8:45 pm on Sunday. Overall, it was a great trip. We were happy to be back with our dogs. Bentley was trying so hard to stay awake with us, his eyes were closed but he was still holding his head up, meanwhile, pudgy Kip had no problem falling asleep!

Now it’s time to plan our next trip!

April Showers Don’t Exist in Kansas

It’s been a while since I have blogged! I would like to say the reason is because I have been traveling all over and enjoying a vacation, but sadly that was not the case. However, we did move apartments over the weekend! We lived for 11 months in a 800 square foot apartment (one bedroom, one bathroom) with two dogs. We now have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and 1350 square feet! Our dogs are MUCH happier and so are we! We are able to put stuff into the second bedroom while we are unpacking and not stepping over boxes, it is so lovely. Our new couch, loveseat, washer, and dryer are being delivered today! It’s a good thing since the laundry is piling up. We are going to use the second bedroom as BLT’s man room/my craft room. There is a perfect nook under the window for my craft table so I can put out my sewing machine and get to work.

In the last month and half, I haven’t cranked out much in terms of crochet or knitting, but I did manage to make a baby blanket and face puffs. I’m not in love with the baby blanket so I don’t know who it will go to or if I will even give it to someone. The face puffs are for taking off eye makeup and not worrying about staining wash cloths. They take about 10 minutes to make.

The colors of the blanket have been discontinued so my blanket isn’t the same color scheme. Here is the pattern

The face puffs pattern is found here 

Since the last time I blogged, two more of my friends have announced their pregnancies, so I have 3 friends having babies in September and October. This is definitely the reason I need to start sewing a few things and get my fingers going on knitting and crocheting! I will know tomorrow the gender of Cletus (Cletus the Fetus) Oiler so JoAnn’s better be in stock with some cute fabrics and yarn and they better send me some good coupons! My friend Shannon will know the gender of “Russina” on Friday. I’m hoping to do one trip to JoAnn’s to load up on the goods this weekend. My friend who is the 3rd one due (October) found out she is having a girl. She is handy with a sewing machine and probably has already cranked out lots of pink things. It’s hard to find unique and creative things for her since she is a shopaholic and will already own the item in 50 different colors and sizes.

We have 17 days until we are cruising on our very delayed honeymoon. We are both excited! I ordered a swimsuit and am very pleased with it, just waiting for my new shorts to get here too. BLT has ordered new shorts as well. I still need to get a few tops, maybe a summer dress or skirt, and another formal dress for dinner. We are flying to FL a day early so we can just relax and not be rushed. It will be a great time!

P.S. I don’t think it rained much in April in KS. It poured for 4 straight hours Monday, so much we had flooding around town.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

“Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open.”
Fortune cookie from Chen’s

I finished the Elsa hat for Addison and sent it to her. Her dad confirmed she liked it! That’s a win for me! I watched about 90 minutes of YouTube videos while BLT was in IL learning to make the hat. I really enjoyed the project and YouTube taught me how to double crochet! There are certain things that can keep me up past my bedtime, knitting and crocheting top the list. Here is a picture of the finished project, don’t look too closely for mistakes 🙂 20150228_124340

Here is the link for the pattern: Elsa Hat Pattern

Last month I mailed my BFF a birthday package with her scarf, boot cuffs and some other little things. I mailed the package on 2/19 via USPS. I always get tracking on packages and noticed her package was just sitting in Michigan somewhere and not at her house. On day 9, mind you, her birthday was 2/22 so the package did not arrive in time, I filed a complaint. I think March 3 or 4, someone from my hometown post office called and asked if I filed a complaint. SURE DID. The post man told me that the postage had fallen off the box and that is why it didn’t make it to the destination and that the receiver would need to pay postage again. Clearly postage had already been paid when I originally mailed the package since I had a tracking number. This just made me so mad! It was also tacky to have someone have to pay to receive their LATE birthday gift. Ugh! Anyway, she liked everything.

About 6 years I tried my hand at making veils for friends because in reality, who wants to spend $300 on a veil? Since then, I have made 5, including the one I made last week. My sister’s friend is getting married in July and I offered to make hers. I think I burned every fingerprint off that I had. I have been frequenting JoAnn’s to get the hair comb to attach the veil and no luck! Sold out for a little while now. I will just have to suck it up and get one off of Amazon. I hope she likes it!

I know in my previous posts, I talked about meal planning. Last week sucked! My other half did not go grocery shopping so we had a lot of meals out. This week is much better planned! My stud muffin made AMAZING fish tacos on Saturday but wouldn’t let me take a picture of them. He doesn’t follow a recipe either, so I can’t share it. He typically uses tilapia, grills it, makes a slaw with lime and cilantro and does a mixture with avocado. They were delish! On Sunday, we had grilled salmon, cabbage, and mashed potatoes. Again, a very satisfying dish by BLT. He let me take a picture of it!


I have some free time coming up and I am planning to start this beauty this weekend. It will not be exact since the blue and light tan colors are discontinued, but it will be similar. I am thinking it will be a baby blanket for a boy. I would use it for a girl too but some peeps are funny with mixing blues for girls. Speaking of babies, my BFF is having one! I am very excited for her and her hubster to have a human! If they love the human half as much as she loves their dogs, the baby will have hit the jackpot with them! The baby also hit the lottery with the grandparents too! Here is their very cute announcement with my nephews, Boss (boxer) and Diezel (american bulldog).Jordan and Joe

I’ll leave you readers on that note of smiling doggie faces 🙂


In my last post, I talked about how I had lots of birthdays coming up and needed to make knitted and crocheted things quickly. I think I accomplished my goals of doing so!

For Kourtney- I made her the neon ear warmer. For Lindsay, I made her a darker colored ear warmer, and the same for Dawn, but a brighter blue one. I made my niece Molly a scarf with a bow that needed sewed on. My niece Katie didn’t want anything handmade, so that chick got a gift card to Bath and Body Works. Jordan had requested boot cuffs and a cowl scarf. I started the boot cuffs with a charcoal yarn that I used in her blanket, paired with basic white yarn. I HATED the way it looked and started over. I ended up using an oatmeal wool paired with a white yarn. The cowl was started and ripped out too. It became too bulky and looked like someone would overheat in it. I took the white yarn out of it and just used a chunky gray yarn and didn’t make it as wide as the pattern called either. I mailed these to Jordan on Thursday and she still has yet to receive them, thanks USPS. I am not very impressed with them. Typically when I mail things USPS to Michigan, it is a 3 day turn around. I don’t want to hear that it might be because of snow or some other weather related garbage. Thanks USPS for making me look like a bad friend. FedEx will be my new go to.

boot cuffs


My weekend projects are to finish a scarf I am knitting for BLT. I haven’t made him anything yet in our relationship and he has requested a scarf. I am using a charcoal colored yarn that is really soft. I bought two skeins and am using two strands at once to beef it up a little. I also want to crochet this Elsa hat for a friend’s daughter. I will be watching a lot of YouTube videos this weekend to get this done.


I’ve been noticing my right arm, forearm really, is sore at night and sometimes requires Tylenol. I’m hoping that it goes away or my muscles get stronger because I would like to continue to knit and crochet things. I love making things for family and friends.

I cut my hair off yesterday.

I didn’t technically cut it myself, but a stylist did. She cut probably 7 inches off and colored it a bit darker and I love it! It is the most expensive hair cut and color I’ve ever paid for, but totally worth having someone know what they are doing. My honey likes it and so do the dogs, at least, Kip does. I can’t get it in a ponytail so my Tuesday/Thursday ponies are gone for now. I think I am okay with that. I can still curl it as well. I’m just excited to not have to stand and SWEAT while blow drying my hair.

My weekend plans also include watching HOUSE OF CARDS. I am a TV junkie and I can admit it. I get engrossed in people’s lives and can’t stop. I’m a train wreck and would like others to join in my wreckage. We (BLT and I) recently finished Sons of Anarchy. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would like a show about a motorcycle gang, sorry, I mean motorcycle club. OMG, I loved it. I would text Jordan about it all the time and would dream about it! Netflix hasn’t gotten season 7 but when they do, you can find me in my apartment with the biggest bowl of popcorn watching away. I’m also into Army Wives…Totally not something I would have watched either. I think once upon a time my mom recommended it and now we both are into it. BLT and I talk about the characters as if they live on post near us. We may need an intervention. I believe the reason I can knit so many projects is because I can get caught up in a show and just keep knitting away.

In other news, the pastor at the church we were regularly attended baptized a book. Fifty Shades of Grey to be exact. We are church hunting again.

Just a few weeks until Spring!

Lots O’ Updates

Happy New Year!

Here is a quick recap of the Thompson Holidays and what we are up to now (or more so me). We made our bi-annual trek to Illinois and Michigan for Christmas. We left on Christmas Eve morning for Illinois to spend one night with Brandon’s mother and sister. We had Wing Wah and exchanged gifts among each other. I did receive a total of 3 very nice purses for Christmas which is telling me that I clearly do not possess enough purses as a Thompson woman. We left Christmas morning at 8am to head to Michigan. On our way to Michigan, Brandon and I miss our exit and keep chatting and didn’t even realize we had gone 40 miles out of our way. We ended up getting to my parents around noon or 1:00, I can’t remember because my memory has been damaged from the smell of vomit in the car. In all of our years traveling, we haven’t had a dog get sick in the car until the short jot to Michigan. Bentley decided to puke on the pet beds. He really wanted to puke on his brother but I kept grabbing his collar so he couldn’t do so. The smell wasn’t bad until we had to roll the windows down to pay a toll and that’s when us humans were gagging. Christmas at my parents was enjoyable. My sisters and I didn’t fight and no one was upset, this is a first time thing y’all. My dad did pay with all his guns outside and looked like Buffalo Bill while doing so, but that’s my dad.

We made arrangements to stay at the Oiler Bed and Breakfast since my dad told us he would be working on the house (painting, scraping the ceiling, taking out carpet). I made this blanket for Jordan and Joe for Christmas.

gray and white blanket

Here is the pattern I used: Size 17, circular needles, cast on 80, knit 4, purl 4 until it is a desired length. The original pattern called for size 50 needles with chunky wool yarn, casting on 40. I altered to fit what I had. I can’t tell you how many times I ran out of yarn and JoAnn’s didn’t have what I needed in stock, lesson learned, buy everything up front and then take it back if there is extra, or just save the extra for the next project :).

I get extreme satisfaction by making things with my hands. I love instant gratification and knitting or crocheting allows me to achieve this. I have a group of friends who get together on Sunday afternoons to knit and have wine. I look forward to the gathering every week (or as often as it happens).

In addition to see the Oilers, I went to the Stuchells to see their new addition! I love seeing babies, especially newborns that I’m allowed to cuddle and hold. I’m often the woman staring at a child in church or a grocery store! I made Carter a baby blanket. Carter's blanket

This blanket is crocheted with a Q hook. It is 3 different yarns (I used a cotton ones, an aqua color, navy, and white) and just single crocheted the whole thing. I chained 34 and just kept working this until it looked large enough for a baby. This is the first larger project I have done crocheting. I hope to do more since crocheting is so fast. Brandon’s boss’ wife is a Queen at crocheting so I am hoping to learn some tricks of the trade from her.

I tried my hand at boot cuffs since they are so popular right now. I sent some to Dumpin in Hawaii, my first set ever. They only take about 4 hours total! That is really instant gratification.

gray boot cuff

The pattern for the boot cuffs is: using two bulky yarns, cast on 15 stitches with size 13 needles. Row 1- knit, row 2- K3, P9, K3, alternate Row 1 and Row 2 until you reach the desired length, cast off, sew ends together to create a seam, turn right side out to wear.

I made these boot cuffs for Ashley. The aqua color you see with the white is the same yarn from the baby blanket for Carter.

blue boot cuff

We spent our First Anniversary in Chicago! We got a hotel in the city, the Intercontinental, and made dinner reservations at Eddie V’s. My MIL and SIL dropped us off at the hotel with all of our baggage, dress, suit, and our wedding cake from last year! We ventured out and went shopping on Michigan Ave and to Macy’s. I fell in love with the makeup department in Macy’s. Why oh why didn’t I become a chemist and make makeup?! Oh, because I would have failed chemistry, but any who. I held back and didn’t buy anything other than chocolates, popcorn, and BLT bought shoes. We went back to our hotel after getting the popcorn and were just hanging out, casually getting ready for our big date. I noticed BLT was belching a lot, and rapidly and he wasn’t sure why he was feeling funny. A little while later, FOOD POISONING HIT HIM! I offered to cancel dinner reservations and I could find something to eat in the hotel. He wanted us to still go. We arrived at Eddie V’s and were seated at a table that had a card for us and rose petals! So cute! Everyone we saw kept telling us happy anniversary which was nice. We ordered a glass of wine and Brandon went to the restroom. He came back and we ordered $120 in food, and he went back to the restroom and proceeds to text me that we need to leave. I talked with the waiter about how he was sick and was hoping to just be charged for the wine and could leave. The waiter talked with the manager and the manager came by my table and gave me a coupon for a free appetizer at our next visit. I thought, hm that was nice. The waiter came back after Brandon reappeared and said that the food was going to be boxed up for us at no charge and that I would only be charged for the one glass of wine, even though two were poured. I politely told the waiter to charge me for both as I was going to not let that go to waste! We received our $26 bill and were still shocked they boxed up the food for free and still gave us a coupon for next time. That was the best customer service I have received and they truly didn’t have to do any of that. Of course, I left them a great review on Yelp and a tip as if we had paid for the meal. Brandon proceeded to be sick the whole next day as well. We still made it back to Kansas on Sunday which was good so neither of us had to use vacation or sick or get hit with bad weather.

In 8 days, Brandon and I will be flying to NORTH CAROLINA! We decided to head to the warmth (hopefully it will be!) for a birthday celebration for me :). Even though I will be spending my actual birthday in Kansas, everything will be right in the world as soon as I get one Bojangles chicken supreme in my mouth! I tried to make a mental list of everything I want to do while we are there next week. I must get Bojangles, sushi, GK Cafe cake, and lots of hugs from friends. We will be attending a beer festival so I am looking forward to that. I’m worried that we will never want to leave and then someone will have to fly our dogs to us in NC.

In my spare time coming up, I will be working on birthday gifts! January and February are jam-packed with birthdays for me. I have my sister Kourtney on Saturday, Lindsay on Sunday, SIL Dawn on 1/25, niece Molly 2/5 , niece Katie 2/13, BFF on 2/22. I also have Dawn my office-mat, coworker, friend, and fellow dog lover in early February too. I’m trying to think of creative things I can make for my nieces and sister. My BFF has already requested boot cuffs and cowl scarf. If you take a look at my Pinterest board that is Sewing.Knitting.Crochet, it is chock full of pattern ideas. I might turn into the crazy lady that makes things for people and those people only wear them when around said crazy lady. If I do, someone please speak up.

Here is the project I finished last night.

neon ear warmer

It is a headband or ear warmers. I casted on 12 using size 10 needles. I used two strands of yarn, one neon and one white. I straight knitted until it was long enough to fit around my head. I bound off and sewed the ends together with the long tails. I then crocheted the piece that is cinching it together. I did about 3 rows of single crochet and then wrapped it and sewed the ends together with a darning needle.

I will keep updating the blog as I complete all of my projects for upcoming birthdays and events.


Christmas pictures are hard

The Thompsons attempted Christmas pictures this weekend. Lets just say that we will be using a wedding picture and a picture of the dogs where they don’t have glaring green eyes like demons. I’m still trying to find a picture of the dogs that is good enough for a Christmas card. Maybe next year we will do professional pictures. This year and in years past, we have used a friend and it usually works out. This year, the dogs were not cooperating; Kip kept laying down and Bentley had an erection. I kept laughing so hard I was starting to cry and sweat and that isn’t cute!

In 16 days we are headed back to IL and MI. Brandon and I decided to switch up the trip a little bit and spend our anniversary in Chicago, in the city. This means that I need to find a fancy dinner dress! I have been looking on renttherunway.com and other online shopping sites. I really don’t like shopping for clothes, I would much rather shop for makeup and hair products, or yarn for that matter. We will see how this pans out. Maybe I’ll just wear my wedding dress and pretend we just got married, haha.

While in Michigan, I get to meet my newest nephew. No, my brother and sisters didn’t have a baby, but I can’t say who yet since it isn’t public knowledge.

This weeks meal plan is as follows:
Monday- one pan wonder (recipe found here: http://www.highheelsandgrills.com/2013/09/green-beans-chicken-and-potatoes-one.html?m=1)
Tuesday- Meatloaf (recipe found here: http://cookingiscrazy.blogspot.it/2014/01/classic-meatloaf.html?m=1) We will see about this. I don’t really like meatloaf but Brandon does.
Wednesday- pesto fish and vegetables
Thursday- grilled chicken and baked potatoes
Friday- out on a date (I hope)
Saturday- Ranch burgers and baked fries
Sunday- Jambalaya
Monday- Pot roast

I’ve been working on a knitted blanket for a Christmas gift. It is 3 strands of yarn, white, gray, and charcoal. It is one of my favorites! Here is the pattern http://www.allfreeknitting.com/Knit-Afghans-and-Blankets/Country-Cottage-Blanket. I didn’t use the size 50 needles it called for, I have size 17 so they are working out.

Stay tuned for next week!



Sorry to my millions of fans… I’ve been slacking. Partly because I was out of my typical weekend routine and didn’t do a meal plan for this week! I know, you’re probably wondering how the Thompson’s have survived all week without food. Alas! We didn’t go hungry. I can’t quite recall what we had this week other than a few days.

Tuesday: dining hall “special dinner” which entailed a Thanksgiving meal that was fab! It definitely put me over the 1360 cals for the day.

Wednesday: we had the chicken rollatinis that I was supposed to make over the weekend. They were great! I left out a few ingredients we didn’t have but they tasted great. I’m having one piece for lunch today.

Thursday: Brandon was supposed to cook but I got a text around 4pm saying let’s just do takeout because he was tired. We had chicken fried rice and sweet and sour chicken from a good Chinese place in town. This was not the plan, that was two dinners out during the week! Again, I did not stay within the 1360 cal range that I am trying to do.

Friday: we are eating at HOME. I don’t know what we’re eating but it will probably consist of grilled chicken, broccoli, and a salad.

Review of last weekend (11/14-11/16)

Friday: we tried a restaurant in town, Aggieville Station. We hadn’t been there before and we probably won’t go back (if I have a say). The service wasn’t good, we were seated in the COLD part of the restaurant and there was a space heater, it just didn’t circulate or actually warm us up. Who wants to eat and be cold? I ordered fish and chips and the fish was great and the fries were good but got cold fast because of the lack of heat! For the price we paid, please get the heat fixed.

Saturday: we went to The Chef for breakfast with his coworkers and then I got to go to a salon store because they had amazing deals. Brandon hit his limit after 30 minutes of being there and I hate to be rushed, especially in my heaven. We did a little Christmas shopping, got Bentley a sweater (already returned it, got a new one), and we got out our Christmas decorations. HOT MESS AT THE THOMPSONS.

Sunday: We went to church, I think we need a new one. I sent Brandon two different ones I want to try. I’m hopeful for something different. I met up with Christina and Laura in the afternoon to knit. Christina is a pro and was helping Laura and I with a few techniques and patterns. I’ve spent all week looking at patterns and now I just want to buy up a whole store of yarn, especially Purl Soho. Also, when I got home from knitting, Brandon put away all the 585858 loads of laundry on our bed. This is huge y’all! He hates to put away clothes!

My niece Molly started preschool on Monday! This is a huge accomplishment for her. She needs more socialization with children her own age and this will really help get her hooked on school is cool. She was so excited to tell us she was going to school, she really wanted to tell “Bandon” about school.

This weekend will be dedicated to getting ready to head to Illinois and Michigan. We need to wash my car and vacuum it out, get clothes washed and ready for packing, give the dogs a bath, make sure to pack up some gifts (parents birthdays, mail Kacey’s, get Brooke’s, and Ashley’s baby shower), and get some Thanksgiving dinner ingredients together. I still need to find my mom a perfume for her birthday. My dad is getting a pair of jeans. Brooke will get some crayons and coloring things. I’m so excited to give Ashley her baby shower gift for Carter. I found a CUTE diaper bag via 31 and then I crocheted a matching baby blanket. I will post the pattern here. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/93520129737760686/

Here is a picture of the diaper bag- http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/catalog/product/358/catid/6/swid/973a/all-day-organizing-tote-in-sea-stripe/

Ashley doesn’t know about my blog so I am not worried she will see this before her party next Saturday!


We are heading to Illinois on Wednesday until Friday morning. We are going to Michigan after Black Friday shopping. This will be my first Thanksgiving in the Midwest in 4 years! I usually host Thanksgiving at my place when I was living in NC. I’ll be making the turkey, stuffing, a dessert, and maybe a few other items. We are having Thanksgiving at Brandon’s mom’s. We decided we would do Thanksgiving day with his family and then do Christmas day with mine, and maybe alternate while we can. If our family expands, once our human kids are old enough, we will spend Christmas in our own home wherever that may be.

With that being said, our meals on Monday and Tuesday will be simple and easy. I will post over the weekend (hopefully) what the plan is.