Jumping in Head First!

I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging. While at work today, I realized I didn’t have much to do to fill my time so I started searching why I should start blogging. Fast forward 3 hours, now I have my own blog. I wasn’t sure if this would be dedicated to me ranting about every day life, taking pictures of makeup things, cooking/baking, or about my cute dogs. My original thought was to do makeup related things and then hopefully some makeup businesses like MAC, Urban Decay, and the like would send me huge amounts of samples so I could showcase their product on my hugely successful blog. Probably NOT going to happen.

Every now and then I have a good recipe to share (probably from Pinterest), pictures of Kip and Bentley being funny, or a nice seasonal nail color someone may enjoy. I figure this can be my sounding board about being newly married, meal planning, financial planning, job searching, and just trying to navigate life. Here are my babes:  Kip and Bentley

Right now, my honey and I are trying to figure out our future. We have been in Kansas since June (all of 5 months!) and are already planning what’s next. I’ve been catching myself not calling Michigan my home and saying that I miss North Carolina often. I’ve lived in 4 different states up to this point, born in IL, moved to MI, went to NC for a job, and now in KS for BLT’s new job. Michigan will always draw me back as my family and best friends live there. North Carolina was my previous home. Kip and I ventured there and learned to live on our own. He and I changed so much in those 4 years and really grew close to people there. I think of my former students so often that it sometimes makes me teary. I do miss the people, diversity, FOOD, and sun. We will figure it out in time.



P.S. The nail color of the week is Cara Mia Crimson by OPI.


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