Random thoughts this week

BLT and I decided to go to NC in January for my birthday, even though it is in February. This will be an awesome birthday trip! I’m super excited to see friends, feel sunshine, hit up Bojangles, GK Café, the beer fest, and a few other places I know I’m forgetting!

I’ve really caught onto a few things in life regarding weight and women being deemed “overweight”. 1- comments that are made to women who overweight such as “you have a pretty face” or “you have such a great personality” as if the person who is saying these comments wants me or others to feel better about the way I look. I’m really starting to see these comments as a slap in the face. I have loved ones that do say these to me and they aren’t trying to be hurtful but the end result is hurtful. 2- shopping for clothes that aren’t the “normal or average” sizes is next to impossible unless you go online. I like to try clothes on before buying them but that is hardly the option. Target has a plus sized section but it is typically in the back of the store, after maternity and is often hard to distinguish between plus size and maternity until you see the front panel of the pants or a label. Come on Target, I spend enough dang money in there on other things, can you just please me and not put things in a very small section in the back of the store? Thanks.

Final thoughts for Wednesday- yesterday Kip and Bentley got their hair done (groomed). These dogs are back to stud muffin status and not looking like ragamuffins. It always blows my mind when I get them back because they look like different dogs and often resemble the puppies they once were. Bentley will forever have a puppy face! Kip always looks like he is a starving dog when he gets his hair cut. I’m hoping the hair grows out a tad for our annual Christmas card. Maybe we will have a wintery backdrop over Thanksgiving in Michigan! http://wp.me/a5hvxQ-9



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