Sorry to my millions of fans… I’ve been slacking. Partly because I was out of my typical weekend routine and didn’t do a meal plan for this week! I know, you’re probably wondering how the Thompson’s have survived all week without food. Alas! We didn’t go hungry. I can’t quite recall what we had this week other than a few days.

Tuesday: dining hall “special dinner” which entailed a Thanksgiving meal that was fab! It definitely put me over the 1360 cals for the day.

Wednesday: we had the chicken rollatinis that I was supposed to make over the weekend. They were great! I left out a few ingredients we didn’t have but they tasted great. I’m having one piece for lunch today.

Thursday: Brandon was supposed to cook but I got a text around 4pm saying let’s just do takeout because he was tired. We had chicken fried rice and sweet and sour chicken from a good Chinese place in town. This was not the plan, that was two dinners out during the week! Again, I did not stay within the 1360 cal range that I am trying to do.

Friday: we are eating at HOME. I don’t know what we’re eating but it will probably consist of grilled chicken, broccoli, and a salad.

Review of last weekend (11/14-11/16)

Friday: we tried a restaurant in town, Aggieville Station. We hadn’t been there before and we probably won’t go back (if I have a say). The service wasn’t good, we were seated in the COLD part of the restaurant and there was a space heater, it just didn’t circulate or actually warm us up. Who wants to eat and be cold? I ordered fish and chips and the fish was great and the fries were good but got cold fast because of the lack of heat! For the price we paid, please get the heat fixed.

Saturday: we went to The Chef for breakfast with his coworkers and then I got to go to a salon store because they had amazing deals. Brandon hit his limit after 30 minutes of being there and I hate to be rushed, especially in my heaven. We did a little Christmas shopping, got Bentley a sweater (already returned it, got a new one), and we got out our Christmas decorations. HOT MESS AT THE THOMPSONS.

Sunday: We went to church, I think we need a new one. I sent Brandon two different ones I want to try. I’m hopeful for something different. I met up with Christina and Laura in the afternoon to knit. Christina is a pro and was helping Laura and I with a few techniques and patterns. I’ve spent all week looking at patterns and now I just want to buy up a whole store of yarn, especially Purl Soho. Also, when I got home from knitting, Brandon put away all the 585858 loads of laundry on our bed. This is huge y’all! He hates to put away clothes!

My niece Molly started preschool on Monday! This is a huge accomplishment for her. She needs more socialization with children her own age and this will really help get her hooked on school is cool. She was so excited to tell us she was going to school, she really wanted to tell “Bandon” about school.

This weekend will be dedicated to getting ready to head to Illinois and Michigan. We need to wash my car and vacuum it out, get clothes washed and ready for packing, give the dogs a bath, make sure to pack up some gifts (parents birthdays, mail Kacey’s, get Brooke’s, and Ashley’s baby shower), and get some Thanksgiving dinner ingredients together. I still need to find my mom a perfume for her birthday. My dad is getting a pair of jeans. Brooke will get some crayons and coloring things. I’m so excited to give Ashley her baby shower gift for Carter. I found a CUTE diaper bag via 31 and then I crocheted a matching baby blanket. I will post the pattern here.

Here is a picture of the diaper bag-

Ashley doesn’t know about my blog so I am not worried she will see this before her party next Saturday!


We are heading to Illinois on Wednesday until Friday morning. We are going to Michigan after Black Friday shopping. This will be my first Thanksgiving in the Midwest in 4 years! I usually host Thanksgiving at my place when I was living in NC. I’ll be making the turkey, stuffing, a dessert, and maybe a few other items. We are having Thanksgiving at Brandon’s mom’s. We decided we would do Thanksgiving day with his family and then do Christmas day with mine, and maybe alternate while we can. If our family expands, once our human kids are old enough, we will spend Christmas in our own home wherever that may be.

With that being said, our meals on Monday and Tuesday will be simple and easy. I will post over the weekend (hopefully) what the plan is.


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