Christmas pictures are hard

The Thompsons attempted Christmas pictures this weekend. Lets just say that we will be using a wedding picture and a picture of the dogs where they don’t have glaring green eyes like demons. I’m still trying to find a picture of the dogs that is good enough for a Christmas card. Maybe next year we will do professional pictures. This year and in years past, we have used a friend and it usually works out. This year, the dogs were not cooperating; Kip kept laying down and Bentley had an erection. I kept laughing so hard I was starting to cry and sweat and that isn’t cute!

In 16 days we are headed back to IL and MI. Brandon and I decided to switch up the trip a little bit and spend our anniversary in Chicago, in the city. This means that I need to find a fancy dinner dress! I have been looking on and other online shopping sites. I really don’t like shopping for clothes, I would much rather shop for makeup and hair products, or yarn for that matter. We will see how this pans out. Maybe I’ll just wear my wedding dress and pretend we just got married, haha.

While in Michigan, I get to meet my newest nephew. No, my brother and sisters didn’t have a baby, but I can’t say who yet since it isn’t public knowledge.

This weeks meal plan is as follows:
Monday- one pan wonder (recipe found here:
Tuesday- Meatloaf (recipe found here: We will see about this. I don’t really like meatloaf but Brandon does.
Wednesday- pesto fish and vegetables
Thursday- grilled chicken and baked potatoes
Friday- out on a date (I hope)
Saturday- Ranch burgers and baked fries
Sunday- Jambalaya
Monday- Pot roast

I’ve been working on a knitted blanket for a Christmas gift. It is 3 strands of yarn, white, gray, and charcoal. It is one of my favorites! Here is the pattern I didn’t use the size 50 needles it called for, I have size 17 so they are working out.

Stay tuned for next week!



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