Lots O’ Updates

Happy New Year!

Here is a quick recap of the Thompson Holidays and what we are up to now (or more so me). We made our bi-annual trek to Illinois and Michigan for Christmas. We left on Christmas Eve morning for Illinois to spend one night with Brandon’s mother and sister. We had Wing Wah and exchanged gifts among each other. I did receive a total of 3 very nice purses for Christmas which is telling me that I clearly do not possess enough purses as a Thompson woman. We left Christmas morning at 8am to head to Michigan. On our way to Michigan, Brandon and I miss our exit and keep chatting and didn’t even realize we had gone 40 miles out of our way. We ended up getting to my parents around noon or 1:00, I can’t remember because my memory has been damaged from the smell of vomit in the car. In all of our years traveling, we haven’t had a dog get sick in the car until the short jot to Michigan. Bentley decided to puke on the pet beds. He really wanted to puke on his brother but I kept grabbing his collar so he couldn’t do so. The smell wasn’t bad until we had to roll the windows down to pay a toll and that’s when us humans were gagging. Christmas at my parents was enjoyable. My sisters and I didn’t fight and no one was upset, this is a first time thing y’all. My dad did pay with all his guns outside and looked like Buffalo Bill while doing so, but that’s my dad.

We made arrangements to stay at the Oiler Bed and Breakfast since my dad told us he would be working on the house (painting, scraping the ceiling, taking out carpet). I made this blanket for Jordan and Joe for Christmas.

gray and white blanket

Here is the pattern I used: Size 17, circular needles, cast on 80, knit 4, purl 4 until it is a desired length. The original pattern called for size 50 needles with chunky wool yarn, casting on 40. I altered to fit what I had. I can’t tell you how many times I ran out of yarn and JoAnn’s didn’t have what I needed in stock, lesson learned, buy everything up front and then take it back if there is extra, or just save the extra for the next project :).

I get extreme satisfaction by making things with my hands. I love instant gratification and knitting or crocheting allows me to achieve this. I have a group of friends who get together on Sunday afternoons to knit and have wine. I look forward to the gathering every week (or as often as it happens).

In addition to see the Oilers, I went to the Stuchells to see their new addition! I love seeing babies, especially newborns that I’m allowed to cuddle and hold. I’m often the woman staring at a child in church or a grocery store! I made Carter a baby blanket. Carter's blanket

This blanket is crocheted with a Q hook. It is 3 different yarns (I used a cotton ones, an aqua color, navy, and white) and just single crocheted the whole thing. I chained 34 and just kept working this until it looked large enough for a baby. This is the first larger project I have done crocheting. I hope to do more since crocheting is so fast. Brandon’s boss’ wife is a Queen at crocheting so I am hoping to learn some tricks of the trade from her.

I tried my hand at boot cuffs since they are so popular right now. I sent some to Dumpin in Hawaii, my first set ever. They only take about 4 hours total! That is really instant gratification.

gray boot cuff

The pattern for the boot cuffs is: using two bulky yarns, cast on 15 stitches with size 13 needles. Row 1- knit, row 2- K3, P9, K3, alternate Row 1 and Row 2 until you reach the desired length, cast off, sew ends together to create a seam, turn right side out to wear.

I made these boot cuffs for Ashley. The aqua color you see with the white is the same yarn from the baby blanket for Carter.

blue boot cuff

We spent our First Anniversary in Chicago! We got a hotel in the city, the Intercontinental, and made dinner reservations at Eddie V’s. My MIL and SIL dropped us off at the hotel with all of our baggage, dress, suit, and our wedding cake from last year! We ventured out and went shopping on Michigan Ave and to Macy’s. I fell in love with the makeup department in Macy’s. Why oh why didn’t I become a chemist and make makeup?! Oh, because I would have failed chemistry, but any who. I held back and didn’t buy anything other than chocolates, popcorn, and BLT bought shoes. We went back to our hotel after getting the popcorn and were just hanging out, casually getting ready for our big date. I noticed BLT was belching a lot, and rapidly and he wasn’t sure why he was feeling funny. A little while later, FOOD POISONING HIT HIM! I offered to cancel dinner reservations and I could find something to eat in the hotel. He wanted us to still go. We arrived at Eddie V’s and were seated at a table that had a card for us and rose petals! So cute! Everyone we saw kept telling us happy anniversary which was nice. We ordered a glass of wine and Brandon went to the restroom. He came back and we ordered $120 in food, and he went back to the restroom and proceeds to text me that we need to leave. I talked with the waiter about how he was sick and was hoping to just be charged for the wine and could leave. The waiter talked with the manager and the manager came by my table and gave me a coupon for a free appetizer at our next visit. I thought, hm that was nice. The waiter came back after Brandon reappeared and said that the food was going to be boxed up for us at no charge and that I would only be charged for the one glass of wine, even though two were poured. I politely told the waiter to charge me for both as I was going to not let that go to waste! We received our $26 bill and were still shocked they boxed up the food for free and still gave us a coupon for next time. That was the best customer service I have received and they truly didn’t have to do any of that. Of course, I left them a great review on Yelp and a tip as if we had paid for the meal. Brandon proceeded to be sick the whole next day as well. We still made it back to Kansas on Sunday which was good so neither of us had to use vacation or sick or get hit with bad weather.

In 8 days, Brandon and I will be flying to NORTH CAROLINA! We decided to head to the warmth (hopefully it will be!) for a birthday celebration for me :). Even though I will be spending my actual birthday in Kansas, everything will be right in the world as soon as I get one Bojangles chicken supreme in my mouth! I tried to make a mental list of everything I want to do while we are there next week. I must get Bojangles, sushi, GK Cafe cake, and lots of hugs from friends. We will be attending a beer festival so I am looking forward to that. I’m worried that we will never want to leave and then someone will have to fly our dogs to us in NC.

In my spare time coming up, I will be working on birthday gifts! January and February are jam-packed with birthdays for me. I have my sister Kourtney on Saturday, Lindsay on Sunday, SIL Dawn on 1/25, niece Molly 2/5 , niece Katie 2/13, BFF on 2/22. I also have Dawn my office-mat, coworker, friend, and fellow dog lover in early February too. I’m trying to think of creative things I can make for my nieces and sister. My BFF has already requested boot cuffs and cowl scarf. If you take a look at my Pinterest board that is Sewing.Knitting.Crochet, it is chock full of pattern ideas. I might turn into the crazy lady that makes things for people and those people only wear them when around said crazy lady. If I do, someone please speak up.

Here is the project I finished last night.

neon ear warmer

It is a headband or ear warmers. I casted on 12 using size 10 needles. I used two strands of yarn, one neon and one white. I straight knitted until it was long enough to fit around my head. I bound off and sewed the ends together with the long tails. I then crocheted the piece that is cinching it together. I did about 3 rows of single crochet and then wrapped it and sewed the ends together with a darning needle.

I will keep updating the blog as I complete all of my projects for upcoming birthdays and events.



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