In my last post, I talked about how I had lots of birthdays coming up and needed to make knitted and crocheted things quickly. I think I accomplished my goals of doing so!

For Kourtney- I made her the neon ear warmer. For Lindsay, I made her a darker colored ear warmer, and the same for Dawn, but a brighter blue one. I made my niece Molly a scarf with a bow that needed sewed on. My niece Katie didn’t want anything handmade, so that chick got a gift card to Bath and Body Works. Jordan had requested boot cuffs and a cowl scarf. I started the boot cuffs with a charcoal yarn that I used in her blanket, paired with basic white yarn. I HATED the way it looked and started over. I ended up using an oatmeal wool paired with a white yarn. The cowl was started and ripped out too. It became too bulky and looked like someone would overheat in it. I took the white yarn out of it and just used a chunky gray yarn and didn’t make it as wide as the pattern called either. I mailed these to Jordan on Thursday and she still has yet to receive them, thanks USPS. I am not very impressed with them. Typically when I mail things USPS to Michigan, it is a 3 day turn around. I don’t want to hear that it might be because of snow or some other weather related garbage. Thanks USPS for making me look like a bad friend. FedEx will be my new go to.

boot cuffs


My weekend projects are to finish a scarf I am knitting for BLT. I haven’t made him anything yet in our relationship and he has requested a scarf. I am using a charcoal colored yarn that is really soft. I bought two skeins and am using two strands at once to beef it up a little. I also want to crochet this Elsa hat for a friend’s daughter. I will be watching a lot of YouTube videos this weekend to get this done.


I’ve been noticing my right arm, forearm really, is sore at night and sometimes requires Tylenol. I’m hoping that it goes away or my muscles get stronger because I would like to continue to knit and crochet things. I love making things for family and friends.

I cut my hair off yesterday.

I didn’t technically cut it myself, but a stylist did. She cut probably 7 inches off and colored it a bit darker and I love it! It is the most expensive hair cut and color I’ve ever paid for, but totally worth having someone know what they are doing. My honey likes it and so do the dogs, at least, Kip does. I can’t get it in a ponytail so my Tuesday/Thursday ponies are gone for now. I think I am okay with that. I can still curl it as well. I’m just excited to not have to stand and SWEAT while blow drying my hair.

My weekend plans also include watching HOUSE OF CARDS. I am a TV junkie and I can admit it. I get engrossed in people’s lives and can’t stop. I’m a train wreck and would like others to join in my wreckage. We (BLT and I) recently finished Sons of Anarchy. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would like a show about a motorcycle gang, sorry, I mean motorcycle club. OMG, I loved it. I would text Jordan about it all the time and would dream about it! Netflix hasn’t gotten season 7 but when they do, you can find me in my apartment with the biggest bowl of popcorn watching away. I’m also into Army Wives…Totally not something I would have watched either. I think once upon a time my mom recommended it and now we both are into it. BLT and I talk about the characters as if they live on post near us. We may need an intervention. I believe the reason I can knit so many projects is because I can get caught up in a show and just keep knitting away.

In other news, the pastor at the church we were regularly attended baptized a book. Fifty Shades of Grey to be exact. We are church hunting again.

Just a few weeks until Spring!


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