Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

“Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open.”
Fortune cookie from Chen’s

I finished the Elsa hat for Addison and sent it to her. Her dad confirmed she liked it! That’s a win for me! I watched about 90 minutes of YouTube videos while BLT was in IL learning to make the hat. I really enjoyed the project and YouTube taught me how to double crochet! There are certain things that can keep me up past my bedtime, knitting and crocheting top the list. Here is a picture of the finished project, don’t look too closely for mistakes 🙂 20150228_124340

Here is the link for the pattern: Elsa Hat Pattern

Last month I mailed my BFF a birthday package with her scarf, boot cuffs and some other little things. I mailed the package on 2/19 via USPS. I always get tracking on packages and noticed her package was just sitting in Michigan somewhere and not at her house. On day 9, mind you, her birthday was 2/22 so the package did not arrive in time, I filed a complaint. I think March 3 or 4, someone from my hometown post office called and asked if I filed a complaint. SURE DID. The post man told me that the postage had fallen off the box and that is why it didn’t make it to the destination and that the receiver would need to pay postage again. Clearly postage had already been paid when I originally mailed the package since I had a tracking number. This just made me so mad! It was also tacky to have someone have to pay to receive their LATE birthday gift. Ugh! Anyway, she liked everything.

About 6 years I tried my hand at making veils for friends because in reality, who wants to spend $300 on a veil? Since then, I have made 5, including the one I made last week. My sister’s friend is getting married in July and I offered to make hers. I think I burned every fingerprint off that I had. I have been frequenting JoAnn’s to get the hair comb to attach the veil and no luck! Sold out for a little while now. I will just have to suck it up and get one off of Amazon. I hope she likes it!

I know in my previous posts, I talked about meal planning. Last week sucked! My other half did not go grocery shopping so we had a lot of meals out. This week is much better planned! My stud muffin made AMAZING fish tacos on Saturday but wouldn’t let me take a picture of them. He doesn’t follow a recipe either, so I can’t share it. He typically uses tilapia, grills it, makes a slaw with lime and cilantro and does a mixture with avocado. They were delish! On Sunday, we had grilled salmon, cabbage, and mashed potatoes. Again, a very satisfying dish by BLT. He let me take a picture of it!


I have some free time coming up and I am planning to start this beauty this weekend. It will not be exact since the blue and light tan colors are discontinued, but it will be similar. I am thinking it will be a baby blanket for a boy. I would use it for a girl too but some peeps are funny with mixing blues for girls. Speaking of babies, my BFF is having one! I am very excited for her and her hubster to have a human! If they love the human half as much as she loves their dogs, the baby will have hit the jackpot with them! The baby also hit the lottery with the grandparents too! Here is their very cute announcement with my nephews, Boss (boxer) and Diezel (american bulldog).Jordan and Joe

I’ll leave you readers on that note of smiling doggie faces 🙂


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