April Showers Don’t Exist in Kansas

It’s been a while since I have blogged! I would like to say the reason is because I have been traveling all over and enjoying a vacation, but sadly that was not the case. However, we did move apartments over the weekend! We lived for 11 months in a 800 square foot apartment (one bedroom, one bathroom) with two dogs. We now have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and 1350 square feet! Our dogs are MUCH happier and so are we! We are able to put stuff into the second bedroom while we are unpacking and not stepping over boxes, it is so lovely. Our new couch, loveseat, washer, and dryer are being delivered today! It’s a good thing since the laundry is piling up. We are going to use the second bedroom as BLT’s man room/my craft room. There is a perfect nook under the window for my craft table so I can put out my sewing machine and get to work.

In the last month and half, I haven’t cranked out much in terms of crochet or knitting, but I did manage to make a baby blanket and face puffs. I’m not in love with the baby blanket so I don’t know who it will go to or if I will even give it to someone. The face puffs are for taking off eye makeup and not worrying about staining wash cloths. They take about 10 minutes to make.

The colors of the blanket have been discontinued so my blanket isn’t the same color scheme. Here is the pattern

The face puffs pattern is found here 

Since the last time I blogged, two more of my friends have announced their pregnancies, so I have 3 friends having babies in September and October. This is definitely the reason I need to start sewing a few things and get my fingers going on knitting and crocheting! I will know tomorrow the gender of Cletus (Cletus the Fetus) Oiler so JoAnn’s better be in stock with some cute fabrics and yarn and they better send me some good coupons! My friend Shannon will know the gender of “Russina” on Friday. I’m hoping to do one trip to JoAnn’s to load up on the goods this weekend. My friend who is the 3rd one due (October) found out she is having a girl. She is handy with a sewing machine and probably has already cranked out lots of pink things. It’s hard to find unique and creative things for her since she is a shopaholic and will already own the item in 50 different colors and sizes.

We have 17 days until we are cruising on our very delayed honeymoon. We are both excited! I ordered a swimsuit and am very pleased with it, just waiting for my new shorts to get here too. BLT has ordered new shorts as well. I still need to get a few tops, maybe a summer dress or skirt, and another formal dress for dinner. We are flying to FL a day early so we can just relax and not be rushed. It will be a great time!

P.S. I don’t think it rained much in April in KS. It poured for 4 straight hours Monday, so much we had flooding around town.


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